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Call for Paper

List of Potential Topics [Not limited to]:

Track - 1

  • bullet  Services, protocols and architectures
  • bullet   Middleware, frameworks and distributed IoT devices
  • bullet   Dynamic adaptation of IoT networks
  • bullet   Opportunistic networking techniques
  • bullet   IoT big data networks
  • bullet   Congestion, scalability, and reliability
  • bullet   Web of Things
  • bullet   IoT communication technologies
  • bullet   Sensing, actuation and analytics
  • bullet   Human Interaction with IoT
  • bullet   Multi-platform integration and interoperability
  • bullet   Real-world Deployments, and Testbeds
  • bullet   AI and machine learning for the IoT
  • bullet   Data streaming architectures and machine learning analytics

  • Track - 2

  • bullet  5G Networks and IoT
  • bullet   Software Defined Network (SDN) and IoT
  • bullet   Ultra-low power IoT Technologies
  • bullet   Internet of Nano Things
  • bullet   Resource Management and Access Control
  • bullet   Routing and Control Protocols
  • bullet   Machine to Machine (M2M)/Device-to-Device communication
  • bullet   Identity management and object recognition
  • bullet   Mobile, edge computing, fog computing and IoT
  • bullet   Heterogeneous Networks and Industrial IoT
  • bullet   Collaborative Applications and Systems
  • bullet   Big data and IoT Data Analytics
  • bullet   Cyber-physical systems
  • bullet   Crowd-sensing, human centric sensing
  • bullet   Personal, wearable, and other embedded networked systems
  • bullet   Social computing models